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Kempoo is a website that Was created in 2018 by Mike Napier.
It's a website where adventurous men and women who travel across the country in RV or by means of camping can find answers.

In 2006 Mike was tired of Being stuck in an office all day. He decided to purchase a RV and travel. This conclusion started him on a brand new way of studying the world.

After traveling around to Beautiful areas, Mike started to realize him and his dog, Mickey, were truly living the life. He now knew that the office setting was not for him but still wanted to be certain work played a big part of his journeys. With that thought in mind, he has turned into a river guide and also a forest conservationist.

Mike Napier started Realizing really fast that people he stumbled upon had lots of queries, such as where the best places to travel whilst in the RV or what about particular equipment needed? As he began to answer them individually, he noticed where there just might be a need for a website.
Kempoo was invented and is a location that answers all kinds of questions that travelers possess, specifically RV travelers.

Mike post articles Frequently answering questions such as,

-Which RV insurance to get?

-What are 7 wonders of the USA into RV or camp at?

-Why net is important while RVing?

This is just a couple of those Questions and answers that are supplied on Kempoo. It is a website filled with Knowledge from a man that's sharing his experiences with others, all the while Living his dream. The site never asks for any donations and is just Supported by affiliate marketing.
The purpose of Kempoo would be to help the casual And full time traveller have the best experience with their travels. For further infos take a look at Kempoo.com.

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