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Saws: The Basics

For those of you who may Only have a rudimentary understanding about saws, the first point to understand is that there are just four basic types.

The four basic ones are miter, circular, band and reciprocating saws. Each one is designed for specific type of task. Nevertheless, miter, circular and reciprocating saws are the most frequent ones. Band saws are used mainly in cutting raw timber into workable pieces of wood.

Therefore, if you don't own or run a sawmill, it's highly unlikely you will come across one. It is also used in the meat cutting industry.

The Circular Saw

The circular saw is one of The most widely used within the saw family. This is because it's easy to transport and is effective at cutting just about anything at rather high speeds. Virtually all carpenters will have one in their tool bag. As the name implies, this saw is circular in shape.

The Miter Saw

The miter saw is a Variant of the circular saw, except that it isn't meant to be carried around. It's fixed at the end of a lever and to use it ; you lift it and press it down as necessary. Ordinarily, a miter saw is going to be attached to a table top and will come with a cutting board with an adjusting scale onto it to perform exact cuts.

The Reciprocating Saw

The reciprocating saw Works in the same manner as a hand-held saw. The motor and mechanism are designed To operate the saw working with the reciprocating motion, such as a sewing machine, to Get the job done. This saw is popular with those who need to make tough Cuts that can only be done with a saw capable of doing tight turns in confined spaces.
In addition, it can be used when the power of a circular saw is not needed. Further Information http://nerdgaming.net/index.php?title=Best_Features_You_May_Want_To_Cons ider_When_Purchasing_A_Saw.

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